What to do if getting pregnant ?

Unfortunately, many couples suffer from it. Not being able to conceive is becoming more common. Extremely annoying. The first step is, of course, to recognise the problem. You’ve been trying for a long time and time after time it doesn’t work out. Something seems wrong. Now you can start the process and we will help you.

Recognizing the problem

First of all, you have to recognise the problem. Yes, having children is not very easy. What still needs to be determined is where it goes ‘wrong’. It is advisable to check the fertility of both of you. The man should do a spermcheck fertility. His sperm will be sent to a lab and here his sperm count will be determined. It may be that this is too low, or the man may be infertile altogether. The woman will also have to do a fertility check. This often takes the form of a visit to the hospital or the family doctor. Your fertility has to do with your ovulation, among other things. Your fallopian tubes must also be sufficiently open. You can have problems with both by using medication, one or (multiple) surgery(s) and, for example, by an infection. In short, there may be quite a lot going on. 

You still can get pregnant

If it has been established that you can still become pregnant, but that it is just a bit more difficult, you simply have to keep trying. You and your partner can do anything to make it easier and more enjoyable. What this is, is entirely up to you. Whatever it is, you should keep trying. It is also useful to check when you have your ovulation. There are many ways to determine this. For example, using your urine, taking your temperature or monitoring your cycle. Once you have become pregnant, you can take a legal paternity test. This can never hurt you and may come in handy.

Other ways to get children

If you really cannot get pregnant (by your partner), you can look for alternative methods. This can be anything. From adopting a child/multiple children to trying IVF or a sperm donor. There are many possibilities and you will have to decide together which one suits you best. Look at what you feel most comfortable with, but also whether the chances are good. Good luck!