Cooking Strategies Defined & Must Know Cooking Terms

The elements for these are already included within the earlier lists. The player must be taught each recipe before it’s unlocked for cooking. Any missing ingredients will be highlighted in purple Food & Cooking. If all of the ingredients required for a recipe are present both in the player’s inventory or the refrigerator the recipe icon will become totally highlighted.

Rosaura is usually described as nauseous; later in life she develops persistent gas and in the end dies of continual indigestion. When Tita cooks food infused with her feelings of lust and want, both Rosaura and Mama Elena describe the food as “too salty,” while Pedro and Gertrudis both feel Tita’s love and keenness affecting their very own state of being. In distinction with Gertrudis and Pedro, whose hearts are open to receiving love, Mama Elena and Rosaura are each unwilling to allow others to be close to them.…

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